Sunday, July 31, 2011

On the Road Again

This past week was split between a few days of work and a few days at a family reunion at my sister's cabin located in Weber canyon.  When I say on the road again, I literally mean it!  I took my bike and road every day-it was absolutely beautiful.  I rode from the cabin to Smith & Morehouse reservoir which was roundtrip 16 miles.  The first day while the guys were all golfing, I was by myself and ran face to face with a beautiful moose as well as a brand new little wobbly baby deer with his mom.  It was great to get some exercise in all while having fun with the family.

Perhaps the best part of the weekend was to see how my lifestyle has changed in comparison to my family.  Each morning was started off with a big breakfast of waffles, French toast etc.  I would ride and come back and have cantaloupe and cottage cheese.  There were treats galore and I was able to resist most of them-i would be lying if I said I didn't have just a little dutch oven chocolate cake or cheesy potatoes but I tried to monitor portion sizes.  On the last day of the gathering my oldest sister made the comment that she could see that I was really trying to make the changes I needed to.  My thoughts as I compared my changes of exercise, fruit, veggies and portion controlled seemed much more enjoyable than the very limited selection of food choices that one family member who had recently undergone gastric bypass surgery was struggling with.  I appreciate the changes we are both making but I am really glad this is the way I have chosen to go about doing it.

I have great support at home with my husband and kids.  My husband is doing great and keeping me motivated when I get discouraged.  It is really nice to do this as a team.

This is really looking down the river but I can't get it to flip, so stand on your head and look how beautiful it is.

The pictures attached are on the trail i was riding and taken by me (now you know why my head is cut off) with my phone.

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